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Meaning and Mission

Kangaroo care, often referred to as skin-to-skin, is the practice parents are encouraged to do with their new babies. This intense and intimate connection has been proven to show positive impacts on physical and mental health of both babies and their parents. 
At DoulaRoo, we look to replicate this Kangaroo care with our clients. While we may not adopt the practice literally, we strive to create a strong and trusting connection with you. This connection is the basis of a supporting doula relationship, which will help us "roo you through" your needs through the process of growing your family.
Our only goal is to help you attain your desired experience.

Meet the Doula

Driven by education, experience, and passion for informed choice

Liz Taylor - Founder of Doula Roo

DONA Trained Birth Doula (working toward DONA certification)
Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) Degree - University of Minnesota-Duluth (2005)
Master of Business Administration Degree - Hamline University (2011)

          ● After 15 years in the corporate health insurance industry, Liz (she/her) was called to birth work after the VBAC of her second child.

          ● Liz enjoys working with all types of families and scenarios. Her main passion is to connect and empower families so they can make informed choices through their childbirth experience and beyond.

          ● Leveraging her experience and connections within both the mental health community and health insurance industry, Liz can provide resources and make connections for families when needed.

          ● Liz lives in Stillwater, MN with her husband and two sons. She enjoys horseback riding, musical theater, drag shows, and big family gatherings.  



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